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MTh Testimonials

MTh Testimonials

Warrenton, VA

Everything about the way that I work with suffering people has been affected by my participation in this program. The coursework has stretched every horizon I have in pastoral care, and the strong living connection with the work and monastery community of Elder Sophrony has provided a real sense of spiritual safety as we occasionally get into deeper psychological theory and practice. There is never a sense that we are losing our way, and never a sense that we are away from our fundamental pastoral theology! – M.Th. in Pastoral Counseling student

The catalog you sent is excellent and provides an array of answers, I was thrilled to see the relatively low tuition costs, making my participation in this program more and more likely.

Pastor David, Warrenton, VA

Deacon Peter, I want to thank you for your efforts and work that you do for us in the House of Studies program. I am very glad to have met you. This past [Residency] week was so fantastic. It gave me a new outlook on the effort required, and the reason for the effort, and rejuvenated me to continue on in the studies. It truly was one of the best weeks in my life, if not the best. Thank you.


The residency was like when St Paul went to 3rd heaven—just amazing. We are missionaries in Australia, and being here is like seeing the church in the year 200.

M.Th. student

Dear Archdeacon Peter, I cannot tell you how wonderful an experience it was at the Antiochian Village this past week for the St. Stephen’s Course of Study! This was my first Residency in the Program; and, to be totally honest, I was very apprehensive the week before, and was uncomfortable when I arrived on Sunday. By Monday afternoon, I felt completely at home! I attribute this to the holy location, the administrative staff, the faculty, my fellow students, and God! The Antiochian Village is truly a special and unique place, made even better by the people who care so much to make it the highest quality experience, to serve God, and to actively demonstrate striving to be as Christ. I appreciate everything you have done and cannot wait to return for the next two sessions. 

M. Gursky Jr.

I found the Week I Residency Program a wonderful opportunity to meet deeply committed fellow Christians and incredibly talented instructors; it was truly rewarding. Thank you.


This past week was my first year attending the Residency Program at the Antiochian Village; it was my first experience at an Orthodox gathering outside of a church service. (I am fairly new to the Orthodox Church compared to most that were in attendance.) I have attended numerous seminars, retreats and conventions as a Protestant Christian, but none came close to the quality and quantity of teaching that was offered. I garnered quite a bit not only through class instruction, but also in observing how you and the leaders carried themselves.

Lord willing, I’ll be back for year two.